Other vocations
How to prepare for consecrated life

20. Mar 2019

Tips on practices and steps for you to take in preparation for living a vowed life.

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Holiness is for everybody

11. Jul 2009

If God is content that an individual is trying his or her best (for the moment) to fulfill God’s hopes, that person qualifies as a saint.

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Obstacles and options for older discerners

22. Jul 2013

While some communities are willing and able to welcome candidates beyond the age of 40, others can’t. What are the reasons for age-limits and what choices for vowed life do older discerners have?

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The essential facts about secular institutes

17. Jul 2012

Members of secular institutes work in the heart of the world while dedicating themselves to God and taking vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience.

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Nine reasons chaplaincy training might be right for you

21. Aug 2019

For those who feel called to bring spiritual comfort to the ill or imprisoned, I have good news: you can make a world of difference as a chaplain.

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